Wednesday, 31 March 2010


Chef Harunobu Inukai runs Blancharu, a Japanese-French bistro in Elizabeth Bay, Sydney.
We came here because Blanchuru is holding a "A Taste Of Japan" evening in conjunction with the JNTO and JTB and includes a 6 course degustation with matching wines (and beer and sake). Oh baby. We've only been back from Japan a week or two and we're still not over the Japan thing. This is an itch that must be scratched.

Blancharu has 1 Chef's Hat from the SMH Good Food Guide.

A taster of an oyster in sauce and a piece of of ocean trout.

Scampi in brik pastry, Shiso leaf
2008 Cassegrain Semillion, Hastings River, NSW
This little fried morsal was delicious. The shiso leaf is almost the taste of Japan for us. Shiso leaf was served everywhere and in everything (slight exageration but you get what I mean I hope). It has quite a distinctive flavour and is quite strong. We didn't realise you can get here in Oz. Sweet.

Wagyu beef tartar, Tosazu Jelly and eggplant caviar
2008 Cassegrain Chardonnay, Tumbarumba NSW
Ah wagyu. Home grown Aussie Japanese beef. It is quite good but not a patch on the the fatty cow from Kobe or Kyoto or Kyushu or... drool... Hida. Still, it is a good as we can get in Oz and it goes well with the jelly and caviar.

Foie Gras "Chawanmushi" with carrot and crab
Yummy foie gras flavour suffuses this soup. It also has an interesting crunchy texture that I am convinced is caviar of some sort although I can't see any in the soup. We ask the waiter who asks the kitchen and there is indeed roe in the soup. This, as I said, is yummy.

Dashi infused Bar Cod with Chrysanthemum leaf
2008 Cassegrain Edition Noir Pinot Noir, Tumbarumba, NSW
Dashi is a kelp based stock. It is used quite a bit in Japanese cuisine. It is even used with the delicious tomago eggs... but I digress. Nice fish.

Twice cooked Duck breast with Miso glaze
2007 Cassegrain Edition Noir Durif, New England, NSW
Michelle loves duck. Me not so much but this is tender and delicious. Good duck.

Anmitsu green tea ice cream A la Blancharu
NV Cassegrain 'Noble Cuvee', NSW
I love green tea ice cream. The creamier the better. This was good and creamy and ice tea-y.

We met some nice people who are planning a trip to Japan and they were kind enough to snap tweedledee and tweedledum below. Enjoy your trip to Japan guys.

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