Saturday, 31 January 2009

Love Cat

Makes me want to put on a Cure CD. A little bit happy this evening is Copernicus. He usually doesn't travel well so yesterday we got some sedatives from the vet to try for the 2 hour trip to Nowra. He often throws up at some point with travel sickness. This time we gave him a sedative which worked but he was pretty well zonked for the next 18 hours and he threw up at about 6am this morning anyway. We only got our boy back in normal Nowra mode this afternoon (see the pictures below). Now he's had a bit of steak and he is as happy as Larry, and it shows.

Indoor Copernicus relishing being outdoor Perni for just a little while

Copernicus loving the outdoors

Heading back to Nowra from the beach

Just a couple goofing off on the way home from the beach and they spot a roadside fruiterer - fresh plums, nectarines and peaches. Mmmm. Yum. Looks like a couple of sheep having a gander too.

Michelle on Chinamans Beach

Chinamans Beach at Hyam's Beach on Jervis Bay.

Chinamans Beach

You can see Point Perpendicular and Bowen Island out on the horizon at the mouth of Jervis Bay.

Jervis bay

Chinamans Beach.

Hyam's Beach on Jervis Bay

Hyam's Beach.

Snorkeling at Hyam's Beach

Hyam's Beach on beautiful Jervis Bay for a snorkel. A bit windy and rough today for snorkeling and very limited visibility but we did see a few fish and a couple of sting rays. Even threw in the underwater video camera for a swim. We'll have to see how that turned out.

Redback spider

Lots of redback spiders in Nowra this year.

Thursday, 29 January 2009

The train home

OMFG, it has air con.

Tetsuya's c'est fin

Teh hawsome. We're even getting a box of petit fours to go. How good is that! Again, this has been a night at Tetsuya's Restaurant in Sydney. One of the top 50 restaurants in the world. Good night.

Tetsuya's 22

Petit fours. I think we're as good as done. Thanks Chris and Tracey for the gift voucher, we've had a ball.

Tetsuya's 21

Chocolate ganache, red beans and green tea. A sweet wine from Jerez Spain to go with it.

Tetsuya's 20

Three hat restaurant, 9th best in the world - down from no 5 last year - and we lick the dessert bowl? Yes we do!

Tetsuya's 19

Lemon something, floating island, with vanilla anglais. The vino is going down a treat too.

Tetsuya's 18

Yum! Damn this is good!

Tetsuya's 17

Peach sorbet and Tetsuya's summer pudding.

Tetsuya's 16

Sweet lentils and Heidi Gruyere and then poor Michelle dining alone again.

Tetsuya's 15

The last savoury course - seared angus beef and mushrooms.

Tetsuya's 14

Pinot from Central Otago in NZ.

Tetsuya's 13

Roast duck breast with braised witlof and jus.

Tetsuya's 12

Baked barramundi with baked baby fennel.

Tetsuya's 11

More art from the mens room.

Tetsuya's 10

The mens. Nice charcoal nudes on the wall.

Tetsuya's 9

Terrine of queensland spanner crab, miso and avocado soup.

Tetsuya's 9

Happy camper.

Tetsuya's 8

Tetsuya's signature dish of Tasmanian Ocean trout, Roe, apple and parsely puree.

Tetsuya's 7

Trio of New Zealand scampi.

Tetsuya's 6

Garden court yard. Thanks chris and trace for the gift voucher.

Tetsuya's 5

Happy happy happy. Nothing like saki to warm you up.

Tetsuya's 4

Warm blue spanner crab custard with caramelised leek. Served with saki.

Tetsuya's 3

Smoked ocean trout, Avruga Roe, an egg yolk and and goats milk curd.

Tetsuya's 2

Cold sweet corn and safron ice cream soup. We had a couple of oysters with Tetsuya's ginger and sweet vinegar sauce first up - not pictured though.


Michelle looking excited to be dining at one of the world's finest restaurants - Tetsuya's. We had booked for june, there's a 6 to 9 month wait list, but we've managed to get in early by getting on the stand-by list. Bread rolls served with parmesan and truffle butter have arrived. 13 courses with matching wines to come.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Home made eggs benedict

Way too much homemade hollandaise sauce in all its buttery goodness... So it's perfect.

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Happy birthday Michelle...

Two days early but you have cake when you can eat it.

Big Day Out Final Wrapup and Review

Big Day Out
Hot. The weather I mean. Thankfully security at the stage barriers spend most of the day hosing down us mad punters with water. They also use the hoses to spray anybody that dared to get up on somebody else's shoulders. Which is fair enough really. I'd hate being stuck behind a fat arse all day.

Neil Young sizzles too. The man deserves his legend status. He did a brilliant incendiary set. A few oldies and a few newies and he finished with a brilliant cover of The Beatles' A Day in the Life, breaking all the strings on his guitar by the time he finished. Hey Hey, My My very nearly had me tearing up. It brought back memories of high school and spending lunch times and free periods playing Rust Never Sleeps over and over.

Anyway it is late now and I'm hot and bothered and need some sleep. I'll finish this sometime over the weekend. I'll leave you with another line that sums up at least part of the day - Dickheads Day Out 09.
In the meantime here is the first Sydney Morning Herald review. (Damn, just noticed he started his review the same way I did - honest I'd written mine before I found his)

Another SMH review here and a review of Neil Young's Entertainment Centre sideshow here.

Friday, 23 January 2009

Big Day Out 22

Neil Young has finished and we were off to the Prodigy but the Boiler Room was choc-a-bloc and they weren't letting anyone else in. Sounded like it was pumping inside though. Might as well go home.

Big Day Out 21

Neil Young. Man, for an old bloke he really sizzles.