Sunday, 7 March 2010

Nozawa Onsen - the videos

Here's a few short vids from our day on the snow. The longest one goes for about a minute so they shouldn't be too taxing. Of course my favourite is the last one because it has me in it. Come to think of it the first one has me in it too. And third one has a special place in my heart. Or maybe it is the alcohol talking?
By the way. Tomorrow, if we can program the GPS, we're making the short drive to Yudanaka, another onsen town, to see the snow monkeys (macaques) and stay in another ryokan with onsen. Hopefully it won't make the rash worse.

PS. Even with the freed wireless broadband here at the hotel it has taken a while to upload these videos. The whole time I've been sitting here in the restaurant looking out the large picture windows watching the snow gently fall (see the last post for a picture). This is very nice or, in Japanese, totemo suteki.


  1. Awesome! you've both blown me away at how good you both look skiing especially considering you haven't done it for 6 years and that you both learnt skiing rather late. compared to a lot of germans that i'm always on the slopes with you both look technically rather confident in your ability and there fore enjoy your skiing even if its only for the one day. Well done! i'm as proud as punch of my family! can't wait to show the mrs when she gets home from work this arvo! I have one tip. Man don't post videos of gondel rides going down hill... only grandparents, injured and pussies catch gondels down hill, it is also acceptable when visibilitly is really bad due to a "white out" or too late in the afternoon and lack of light. i'll presume this time that the combination of your rash and blisters from hire gear made it not possible for you to ski down and thats why you had to get a gondel down....

  2. The only way down from the top runs was a 5km forest trail. Slow, icy and boring as batshit and we'd already done it once that day. There were some black runs down but we've haven't done black in 6 years so... we're pussies.

  3. fair enough, too icy and too dangerous is alsö acceptable you are not pussies;)

  4. We think you are both fantastic, and hope to see you representing Aus in the next winter olympics!!! Eddie loves your skiing and your videos. Pleased to see you having fun. Enjoy! lots love. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx