Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Starbucks and enthusiastic service

Just an aside about Starbucks and service in general in Japan. On the whole the service has been extraordinary at places like Starbucks and almost everywhere else for that matter. The service is friendly, enthusiastic and apparently genuine. Do you ever go somewhere and you get great service with a big smile but you think that the service and the smile are forced or fake? Well you never get that in Japan. Or, I should say, we don't appear to have encountered it. Nothing ever seems to be a problem. The coffee was served in a paper cup? We get a smile and a sorry and they go off and prepare a new coffee from scratch. You might be served by the same person first thing in the morning or last thing in the evening and the welcome and greeting will be as enthusiastic each time. There was one girl in Osaka who gave us that look of "you were here yesterday but we are thrilled and honoured to have you here again today". I even mentioned that we came back because he coffee had been so good the day before and she looked very pleased. Never once did we get that look of "oh shit they're back again".

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