Friday, 19 March 2010

JAL First and Business Class "Sakura" Lounge

I think I've already mentioned how much I love this Premium Economy travel thing especially when we get to partake of the facilities of the JAL First and Business Class "Sakura" Lounge for nix, nada, nuthin', nuffink, zilcho. We arrive just in time for beer o'clock. Free beer and free food. Well, I suppose by paying for Premium Economy we really are paying for it but we didn't know about this when we booked. Neat little robotic beer pourer too. It tilts the glass as it fills it with beer and then squirts on a nice foamy head. Dinner is beef curry, rice, salad, clam miso soup and muffins. There is no way we'll be hungry by the time we board the plane. Speaking of which that is our plane we can see being loaded out the window of the lounge. We wander down from the restaurant to the lounge area of the lounge to sample the Japanese scotch and snacks they have down there and use the free wifi to check Facebook. This certainly beats sitting around at Maccas until the flight is ready to go.
In about 10 hours we'll be in stinky Sydney.

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