Tuesday, 9 March 2010


We were a bit underwhelmed by the suggestions for dinner in the Rough Guide and the Lonely Planet after seeing them. We'd also got a couple of recommendations from the receptionist at the hotel. We wanted something close because it was almost blizzard like conditions outside. Luckily for us the place we chose was next door to the hotel and was one of the restaurants recommended by the receptionist. After some confusion with the waiter about where we wanted to sit we got a table... a booth really with blind. We asked for omakase, but after they show us a list of the things we could order all in Japanese, we said course and that was enough for a "hai" and they started serving the set menu. And wasn't bad. Like a lot of these set courses there's a bit of sushi, a bit of tempura, soup, a hot pot, something unidentifiable and all quite oyshi (delicious). After a quick wander around the block for some photos in the snow it was time to wash the monkey poo off Michelle's pants in the laundry then B.E.D. bed and that spells fucking tired. We have to plane to catch to Hokkaido in the morning. Assuming, that is, anything is flying at all because of the weather.

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