Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Dinner at Kokuya

Dinner is in a private dining room for two. I don't think there are many guests at Kokuya at the moment but the neighbouring dining room has another couple and he is talking loudly. I think the accent is South African. It isn't too distracting because there is some light music being piped in too. We both perk up to the theme from My Friend Totoro.
Dinner is another lavish affair with multiple courses served by and older lady in a kimono. We dress in yukata too. We have sushi, tempura, a hot pot of chicken soup and veggies, soba noodles and we get make our own wasabi paste from the wasabi root. There is nothing like fresh wasabi. We also get a refreshing strawberry mousse for dessert. We go back to our room absolutely stuffed... again.

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