Wednesday, 3 March 2010

A day time wander around Takayama

We had a big breakfast from the huge spread laid out by the Best Western. It was free. They had a piano music cd playing over breaky. It was one of those music with nature sounds cds. It was kind of strange to here I Still Call Australia Home over breakfast though. After breakfast and still humming I Still Call... we headed for one of the the two morning markets held down near the river. This is a local market, Miyagawa Market, for local producers selling local produce locally... and assorted other junk and trinkets.
After the markets it was back to the old streets to see if there was more action than last night. This time we found all the tourists. A bit more of a wander lead us to one of the temples in town where we saw a priest (Shinto or Buddhist) bless a woman's car. Then it was back to the streets for more local colour and to try the various snacks - an egg and honey thing (yum), savoury rice dumplings on a stick (not so yum) and some sort of pancakey thing shaped like fish filled with chocolate and sesame and what not (yum again)
The last picture is a postie bike.


  1. You took excellent pictures of Takayama.

  2. Thank you very much. It is a gorgeous little town.