Wednesday, 17 March 2010

We say sayonara to Sapporo and konichiwa J class

Dropping off the car at Toyota was as easy as saying "Domo arigato Mr Roboto" and takes about as long. Within 5 minutes of handing over the keys we're on board the airport shuttle bus and at the airport in another 10.
We check in and board a lovely big 747. We're in "J" Class so we get to sit up the pointy end of the jumbo. "J" Class only cost 1000 yen more. It was an early bird special and is something akin to premium economy or budget business. All this for an extra 12 bucks.
The skies over Japan are pretty busy. For almost the entire hour and a half flight from Sapporo to Tokyo we see other planes crossing our path below us. There is a little tiny plane way below us in the photo below. Taking photos of the other planes distracts me from thinking about mid air collisions and shit. It doesn't happen very often after all. Does it? Does it? A daft part of me thinks that if they ever find the wreckage of this plane they may find my camera and a lovely shot of the plane that brought us down. I think I'll have another beer.
Most domestic flights in Japan go to Haneda International Airport and not Narita Airport. This suits us fine because Haneda is actually in Tokyo and is on the same side of Tokyo that we will be staying, in Roppongi. Narita is about 60 km out of town and is way on the other side of Tokyo.
We get to use yet another form of transport from the airport. This time it is the monorail. Not a pokey little tourist transporter like we have in Sydney but a decent mass transit commuter transport. From the monorail terminus we're only one metro stop away from Roppongi which is where we will be staying for our last couple of days in Japan.

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