Saturday, 6 March 2010

Going to the dentist in a foreign country

Once we'd settled into our room, Lillehammer - all the rooms have former Winter Olympic location names, we had a snack of a rice cake from Awanoyu. That is when my goddamned crown popped out. Fuck it. It hurts to breath without the crown. I went up stairs to the restaurant and asked if there was a dentist in town. The girl who checked us in said she'd call right away. A few minutes later she said a dentist was available and I could go now. So we get to see Nozawa Onsen town earlier than we thought. Firstly it was the free ski lift (runs right past our window in the pension) down into town which took about 7 minutes and then a 10 minute walk down the main drag to the dentist. Of course the dentist couldn't speak much English but when I showed him my crown he knew what to do. He is a dentist. A few minutes later he had cemented my crown in and ground off a few microns to help the fit and I got the bill for 3000 yen. About $30. I would've paid $300. Hopefully it will get me through the next couple of weeks. Then, finally, we were able to get to the ski hire place and get kitted up for tomorrow.


  1. Yeah, you gotta love that feeling of a repaired pain-free tooth. Kudos to dentists who can do stuff like that, since it's hard to concentrate on anything when you got one small, hurting tooth. It's a frustrating feeling that you need to get fixed ASAP. In any case, hope ya enjoyed your vacation after that little mishap.

  2. And the fix is still going strong a year and a half down the track. Thanks to the Dentist and guys from Pension Schnee for organising.