Friday, 19 March 2010

Narita Express

I'd wondered what the NEX on the front of the Narita Express trains stood for. D'oh. Only just figured it out now. Double d'oh.
Michelle doesn't look too thrilled to be leaving does she? We had booked our hotel for a late check-out today - 3pm instead of 10am. That allowed us to go out for lunch and then come back to the hotel to finish packing and freshen up before hitting the road. From Roppongi station we took the metro Hibiya line to Kasumigaseki Station and then transferred to the Maranouchi line to Tokyo Station to catch the Narita Express. We are glad we ended up buying these wheelie bags. Makes transferring stations and dragging bags down streets a breeze. Stuff carrying backpacks around. My bag has put on weight. It has jumped from about 15kg to 22kg. I think it was all the fridge magnets I bought as souvenirs.
I bought my last can of coffee from the vending machine on Tokyo Station. It was a crappy as usual but I will miss that hot sweet caffeine hit.
On the train there are TV monitors showing the latest news headlines, flight departure details and weather in various cities around the world. We see that Sydney was expecting temps in the mid 30s for the next few days. It is supposed to be autumn at home for god's sake. When we left for this trip we were hoping to miss the rest of the summer. When we got back to Tokyo we were struggling with temps around the 14 degree C mark after acclimatising to sub zero temps the week before. Oh well.
It takes about an hour to get to Narita Airport.

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