Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Ghengis Kahn crawl - Matsujin was ordinary so we went back to Tokeidai Beer Garden

We felt like meat. Lots of it so it was jingisukan or Ghengis Kahn again. We wanted to try somewhere different to last week so we went to Matsujin. Matsujin is a jingisukan joint but it is like a franchise compared to the rougher around the edges Tokeidai Beer Garden we went to last week. It didn't start well. First the girl asked if we knew what to do and we said yes and she still went and loaded up the grill with all the vegies and meat and then poured over all the marinade. After last weeks experience we didn't think the grill was hot enough anyway so as soon as she turned away we picked off the meat because it was just stewing on the grill and waited for it to heat some more. As soon as it looked hot enough we threw on a piece or two of lamb and hoped for the best. The helpful waitress returned and turned the heat off for us thereby not allowing our meat to grill and it just started stewing again. We figured out how to turn the heat back on again and got it smoking but the magic had gone and so had the flavour so we just finished up, paid and left.
Still hungry we decided we go back to our mate at the Tokeidai Beer Garden and just order a smaller version of what we had last week. We did that and it was awesome. They still had the 60s and 70s greatest hits cd playing too. We were able to watch the snow still coming down outside. It felt like Christmas... except we don't get snow at Christmas in Australia, and there were no presents, and it was March, and there was no Turkey and we were in Japan.

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