Monday, 8 March 2010

Kokuya Ryokan

Kokuya Ryokan is in Shibu Onsen and is nestled in what seems to be a small alley when actually the alley may well be the main drag through town. You will see Yukata clad people wandering up and down the street going to the public onsens. Outside a number of the hotels half boiled eggs sitting in tub of hot spring water are for sale.
Our room is called Sagano and has an onsen (hot tub) on the balcony with more than enough room for two. The room is a traditional Japanese tatami mat room where our futons will be laid out while we're at dinner. Sagano is the biggest room we've stayed in in Japan. There is an inside toilet but the shower is next to the hot tub out side. That will make for an interesting shower in the morning considering how much snow is everywhere.

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