Saturday, 28 March 2009

V festival 31... and The V Festival is over for another year

The Killers and the pyrotechnic finale. Off with bang it went. Yes it did. We could feel the heat from the explosions where I was standing no worries.

And for a late Sunday early Monday morning update, here is what the Sydney Morning Herald had to say about yesterday's V Festival. And here are some photos - also from the SMH (warning: contains photos of Vanilla Ice). Triple M have also have some photos here.

V Festival 30

The Killers with Mr Brightside and me fluffing around.

V Festival 29

The Killers.

V Festival 28

The Killers.

V Festival 27

The Killers.

V Festival 26

The Killers.

V Festival 25

The Killers... and me and the ladies.

V Festival 24

The Killers and me yodeling along.

V festival 22

The Kaiser Chiefs.

V festival 21

Kaiser chiefs.

V festival 20

Some Poffertjes, a stunning sky, a beer queue and the Kaiser Chiefs.