Saturday, 20 March 2010

Home to Perni

It is as hot at Sydney Airport at 7.30am as we were dreading. We actually fly through customs which is good. I even got the home made jar of apple jam the people from Pension Schnee in Nozawa Onsen through without a hitch.
Taxi home. Dump bags. Jump into car to pick up Copernicus. He has been "holidaying" at Hanrob but yesterday he was delivered to our local vet so we could pick him up today. Half way through our holiday I emailed Hanrob to see how he was going. Apparently he was being a good boy and eating well. Cat boarding ain't cheap. Copernicus' 4 and half week stay cost over $700. Meh, that's only a bit more than a decent sushi meal in Tokyo and is worth it for piece of mind and the happy cat we get back.
At the vet we were handed over a very excited cat. He looked shocked to see us. He always looks as if we'd abandoned him and were not going to see him again. Apart from a grotty nose he looked fine. This is the best part of coming home.

1 comment:

  1. did he lose weight?
    has he been on crack during his holiday with the other hip cats?
    man, that cats been listening to too much jazz

    get him a beret man

    thats cool