Wednesday, 17 March 2010

the b Roppongi hotel

The b Roppongi will be the last place we stay at in Japan. It is another business style hotel with a small room and a big bed. The biggest bed so far. Like nearly every other hotel it also has free broadband internet in the room so we can plug in the ol' netbook and surf away. The room has the most ordinary view we've had so far but who goes to hotels to look out the window? Thankfully the window is sealed but we can still hear the multi-level highway outside our window.
In the 5 minutes we've been in Roppongi we've seen more westerners than in the previous 4 weeks combined. Roppongi is the diplomatic and tourist hub of Tokyo. Nearly all the embassies in Tokyo are within spitting distance of our hotel. Half the foreigners we've seen probably aren't tourists but ex-pats working in Tokyo. Half the guests at our hotel also seem to be Australian. We try and ignore them.
According to Starbuck on-line there are at least 5 Starbucks within 10 minutes walk of where we are sitting. I said we were surfing, anyway, we head for the closest one and then sip coffee and dog and people watch. And by the way we do not use those god awful paper cups. We always ask for the coffee in a proper ceramic cup. I told you we were coffee snobs. Oh, and the sugar churros aren't too bad either.

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