Friday, 5 March 2010

A drive in the Japanese Alps

We decided to go for a drive and look around Shirahone and the ski resort 8km down the road Norikura Kogen. After taking in the view for a bit it was lunch time. Not much doing in ol' Nori as far as lunch goes but we did find one place that had a few people there so we thought it might be okay. It isn't obvious why they chose the name Abbey Road but they did appear to be dishing up some huge meals. We shared a plate of fried chicken and salad and the usual miso soup and rice.
A couple of workers where have lunch and they were catching up on their Manga while they ate. I read some Manga while I had an ice-cream.
There's a number of gift shops all seling the same junk in town but they also sell those delicious Japanese sweets - rice dumplings stuffed with stuff. Yummo mate. Also bought a local beer for beer o'clock for when we got back to the Ryokan.

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