Monday, 15 March 2010

A spectacular walk along the gorge to see the gorge

It is billed as a spectacular gorge walk to see Sounkyo Gorge in all its glory. Unfortunately that is probably in the summertime. We couldn't get passed the visitor's centre. The path up the side of the gorge for the walk was covered in a couple of metres of snow. So much for that. We made do by checking out the spectacular frozen waterfalls - Ryu Sei No Taki and Gin Ga No Taki. We found the best place to photograph these spots too. There's usually a small stand set up in front of the said spectacular view so school groups or bus tour groups can have group photos taken. They think of everything the Japanese.
Our afternoon cut short we decided to wander around Sounkyo. Everything was closed except for the Seicomart convenience store. The Japanese convenience stores, AMPM, Seicomart, Lawson Station and even 7/11 are pretty good and reliable and one or another are just about everywhere. Plenty of booze and porn. What else do you need? We, though, bought ice cream, coffee and milk and then it was back to the hotel for iced coffee. Well we thought it was milk. It turns out that it was some sort of lemon flavoured milk concoction. Only one thing to do then. We turned to the ever reliable hotel vending machines for some milk. Even though the snow was dumping down it was a relatively mild -2 degrees C today according to the snow man out the front of the hotel.

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