Saturday, 13 August 2011

Orto Trading Co

Orto Trading Co is a funky new restaurant in Surry Hills. Orto is Italian for vegie garden but there isn't particularly Italian about the menu. I'd call it Modern Australian. We sat outside at trestle tables made from the old SCG scoreboard. Very funky. Great food too.

Not a bad spot nestled in the smaller back streets of Surry Hills. Perfect for a mild August day.

Scotch Eggs with house made pork sausage and pear piccalilli.

Can't remember what this was. Pork on witlof with quail eggs and something... else. Quite delicious though.

Georgia enjoyed her little outing even if she was just eating blended up muck.

They had White Rabbit!

Another one I can't recall quite what it was but I think it was lamb done three ways including confit. Very rich.

Salad of radicchio, blood orange, beet root and goats cheese.

Chocolate and pear tart with walnuts.

Man, I should take notes. Here, I think, is their take on the classic trifle.

So this is where old score boards come to die. Neat way to re-cycle the old boards I my humble opinion.

Orto Trading Co is at 38 Waterloo Street Surry Hills.

Swingin' in the park - Georgia's first time on a swing