Thursday, 18 March 2010

Last evening in Tokyo

This is our last night in Tokyo. We'd planned to to do the Michelin thing again but we're too stuffed from lunch. Even going up the Mori Tower wasn't enough exercise to bring back the appetite. Having a god damned sore throat and chest infection didn't help either. But, enough whinging, if we can't go Michelin at least we can go for toast and hot doggies at Doutor. I love Doutor. Doutor Coffee is a Japanese coffee franchise. Their toast is sweet and wonderful and the tiny hot dogs were okay too. Their coffee isn't as good as Starbucks but would do in a pinch. Michelle liked their Milano sandwiches - the A and the B. One was all meat - prosciutto, salami and ham and the other was ham and salad. We'd usually go to Doutor for breakfast but tonight it was nice and easy for a quick bite for dinner.
After Doutor we wandered up the street to our hotel.
We'll still do the Michelin thing for lunch tomorrow before we fly out.

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