Friday, 9 April 2010

Yoshii again

You'd be forgiven for thinking we've been back to Japan for the weekend from the pictures below. Fortunately for us we were able to avoid the 10 hour flight and only spend 5 minutes on the train to get to Yoshii Restaurant. Last time we came to Yoshii we sat in the restaurant section and had the degustation menu but we saw people at the counter and it looked like fun. After going to Japan a few weeks ago we now know that most of the sushi joints are like the counter section here at Yoshii. It really is the best way to enjoy the sushi and hospitality of the chef and sushi master Yoshii Ryuichi. Each dish is prepared right in front of you by Yoshii. Unusually for a Friday night it was dead quiet in ol' Sydney town and particularly so at Yoshii. We had the entire counter, and chef Yoshii, to ourselves. There were a few other people in the restaurant but we were the only customers at the counter.
Yoshii served up some delicious sushi and sashimi. I've said it before but I'll say it again - we are still not sick of raw fish and Yoshii prepares sushi that is every bit as good as what we had in Tokyo. Of course it isn't all raw. The eel was a stand out as was one of the desserts - a sugar cane flavoured ice cream. Sugar flavoured ice cream, not ice cream with sugar in it. Absolutely awesome.
We also chose the sake tasting course. A selection of fine sakes chosen by Yoshii to complement the meal. Each glass, generous sized servings too I might add, was divine and we finished up with a glass of gorgeous plum wine.
Yoshii san was the perfect host and we chatted about Japan, where he grew up on Kyushu, samurai swords and tuna knives, manga and anime. Yoshii and I are about the same vintage so we both have fond memories of the same cartoons. The next time we go to Japan we'll also have some insider tips on where to eat so we won't have to rely on the Michelin guide so much.
This was an awesome evening with an awesome host. We have a place close to home where we can get a decent sushi fix now. Thanks Yoshii san.

Yoshii Restaurant is at 115 Harrington street Sydney and has 1 Chef's Hat from the SMH Good Food Guide.

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