Wednesday, 30 January 2013


Georgia has started saying War-tah (water) instead of waa-waa. It is unbearably cute the way she says war-tah but we're going to miss waa-waa, a lot. Waa-waa falls to the way side like tubby (tummy), Joo-joo (Georgia) and others. It is really bittersweet when she starts pronouncing words correctly. Every day our little baby moves further and further away from babyhood and becomes more and more a little girl.

I love when you ask her about sushi she starts waving her arms and saying "away-a-birds". "Away-a-birds" is because we bought some sushi one day and ate it in the park. Some seagulls and ibis were attracted to our food and Georgia was a little frightened if the birds got too close. So I'd get up and shoo the birds away with "Go away birds".

The last few days she's also started associating mummy's rapidly expanding tubby with the baby. "Baby, tummy, yep" she says with a curt nod.

I miss our baby so much but I love our little girl even more.