Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Day two at the Snow Monkeys or when monkeys attack

We're with the monkeys earlier than yesterday. There's already a few people here including a camera crew from the Japanese NHK network. According to the webcam they will be there the whole day. The film crew are more or less shooting the same scene - a close-up of the monkeys leaning on the edge of the pool. When we arrive the monkeys are nearly all on the same side of the pool just sittin' and chillin'. They are as gorgeous as ever. We never tire of looking at monkeys. Michelle particularly never gets sick of looking at monkeys. She can't. She lives with a silver-back gorilla. One little bloke, a monkey we call Mr Cranky Pants, doesn't appreciate me getting in close to take photos again and "attacks" me.
As we were leaving we were watching a group of half a dozen juvenile monkeys playing and tumbling and running when one trotted up to Michelle did a hand stand and rubbed his arse on Michelle's leg. A reverse dry hump if you will. I nearly dropped my camera again I was laughing so hard. The little monkey then flipped himself over and ran on.
It snowed the whole time we were there.

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