Tuesday, 16 February 2010

The view from the Qantas business class lounge

No maccas for us this morning. We getting a proper civilised breakfast. Thanks JAL.

So far so good. The Silver Service taxi arrived at home on time at 6AM. 6AM! Shit, haven't seen 6AM in years. We got to the airport by about 6:20 and checked in pretty quick smart. We used the Premium Economy express queue which we found out a little later also got us tickets for Qantas' Business Class Lounge. Coffee, juice, cereal, pastries and toast all gratis. I thought all my christmas' had come at once and then they brought out the pancakes! It's a pity we're here so early because there is a shitload of free booze too. Really though is it too early for Baileys? Hmmm.
About an hour now before we board. There's Baileys and ice with my name on it.

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