Sunday, 28 February 2010


Lunch on a rainy day in Osaka. Kigawa is in Dotonbori and was a bit of bitch to find. Michelin, helpfully, usually has a picture of the front of the restaurant to allow us foreigners a chance to find the place because most don't have any English names on display anywhere. Kigawa had no picture but unusually it had one of the small blue address number signs low down on the front wall almost out of sight. It took three trips around the block before we spotted it. Osamu Ueno is the head honcho here and it is a busy little place. We got used to going to empty or almost empty places but this one has people coming and going and a few people in the kitchen not just one or two. An excellent counter lunch at this 1 Michelin starred restaurant. The pork from northern Honshu was to die for. The guy serving us, , was another very helpful and friendly server going above and beyond.

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