Friday, 19 February 2010

Rokukaku Tei

I know, I know, another food post. But these are all Michelin rated places man. Rokukaku Tei is no exception. It also has one star. By the way, if you're wondering why we're only go to the 1 star places and not the 2 and 3 star it is because we're not fracking stupid. Some of those 2 and 3 star places get up to 40 or 50,000 yen per person. That's about $500 per person. You just can't do that every night. Even the 1 star joints can get up to about $300 a person if you're not careful. And we've tried to be careful. Tried.
Rokukaku Tei serves what can only be described as Japanese kebabs. Delicious morsels of just about anything, meat, fish, vegies, stuck with a stick and coated with a really light bread crumb batter and then deep fried. This is really good stuff. Top that off with a couple of jugs of warm sake and we're as happy as a couple pigs in shit mud.
One more thing about restaurants in Tokyo. They are every where. You'll find 10 story buildings in which you'll find a number of restaurants on every floor. Rokukaku Tei is located in one such building. God knows how many restaurants are in the building but 5 others share the floor that at Rokukaku Tei is on.
Now on to the happy snaps.

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