Saturday, 20 February 2010

Belly's full so let's wander through Kyoto at night

These shots are from down on Shinjo-Dori and a couple of alleys that run off Shinjo-Dori in the Higashiyama-ku district of Kyoto. It was nearing midnight and the streets were still jumping with buskers, geishas, drunk salary men, people shopping and even a few tourists. The alleys were chock full of girly bars and restaurants and seem to be as seedy as Kyoto gets. Down by the river groups of kids hung out texting each other, riding bikes or sitting around smoking. It seems more casual than Tokyo. Less uptight and the people, meaning the girls, don't seem to be as designer clothing obsessed as the people, again I mean the girls, in Tokyo. Not to say they're not stylish, there seem to be as many designer label shops here in Kyoto as Tokyo. The eye candy was extraordinary in Tokyo. Kyoto is almost as sweet. We told someone we thought Tokyo was like Sydney and Kyoto like Adelaide. Tokyo is bold and fast and Kyoto is more provincial. Except for the bogans. No bogans in Kyoto.

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