Monday, 22 February 2010

Kyoto Station and supermarkets and getting around

After Kinkaju-ji we were going to go to another temple. Yes, another temple. But we ran out of time and only got as far as Kyoto Station. When you get on the subway half the passengers will flip open their mobile and look like they're texting away madly. What they're actually doing is playing games. I saw woman holding a warning sign for some street maintenance vigorously playing a game on her mobile and she wasn't a young woman. Everybody does it.
Kyoto Station is a huge architectural wonder or monstrosity depending on your point of view. I like it and I love the Astro Boy and Kimba directions signs.
After that we went to a supermarket to buy beer and butter. Mmm, beer and butter. Okay, we'd actually bought bread earlier. We weren't really going to mix the beer and butter as tempting as that sounds. I like going to supermarkets in foreign countries. You really get feel for the places. The fish and meat here looked amazing considering it was only a small supermarket and not a specialist butcher or fish market.

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