Thursday, 18 February 2010

Lunch yesterday - Fukumachi

Fukumachi is another 1 star Michelin restaurant. It is a tempura restaurant and we dived into its lightly battered and fried goodness for lunch yesterday. Lunch yesterday. That means I'm falling behind in the not so live blogging. It is hard keeping up when you're eating or sightseeing all day. Then you get back to your digs at the hotel and you have to blog then. I'll catch up... eventually.
But back to yesterday's lunch. Ooh yeah baby. I mentioned fried didn't I. The first night's sushi may well have been our best sushi experience ever but this was definitely the best tempura. Battered and fried everything - fish, prawns, mushrooms, vegies, boots... only kidding about the boots.
Some pictures below.

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