Thursday, 18 February 2010

Sushiya Mao

Sushi-ya Mao is the latest restaurant we ate at in Tokyo. Yes, we are continuing our Tokyo Michelin star binge. Yet another 1 star Michelin restaurant and it is the 4th we've been to in Tokyo so far. It is part of the reason we came to Japan after all. Michelle tells me I will have to get a job when we get home though to pay for this 4 and half week splurge.
Kazuya Ichiyanagi introduced us to yet more interesting and unusual sushi. Kazuya also told us he had been to Australia on his honeymoon around 10 years ago. It was nice to be able to communicate fairly easily with our host for a change. Less hand waving.
The highlight of the tonight's fare was the moon fish liver - fish foie gras - and the toro - fatty light pink tuna. I doubt we can even get the toro in Oz. The sake was nice and hot too. A couple of jugs of sake warms you up enough for the walk back to the hotel in the cold. Not that we had far to go. Sushi-ya Mao was the closest of the Michelin places to our hotel and literally around the corner from the hotel. It still took a couple of mis-steps to find it though. It didn't appear to be where we expected it to be. A large international hotel appeared to be taking up the entire block. We asked the concierge at the hotel where the address for the restaurant was and he looked confused for a second and then in a classic light bulb moment he turned a pointed to another doorway leading into the building and said, "It is right here".

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