Sunday, 21 February 2010


The owner chef at Fujiwara is Kazuya Fujiwara and he prepares and serves perfect Japanese cuisine. He worked in Australia for a couple of years in the early 90s at the Japanese embassy. One can only imagine who he has cooked for. Like a few of these places the boss comes across as very reserved or even gruff at first but as the evening wears on we get chatting and drinking the reserve seems to disappear. Kazuya even pours me a Japanese Whiskey for free when I asked what it was. Kazuya brought out a copy of the Encyclopaedia of Japanese food to show us just what vegetable or fish we are eating during particular courses. He explains what he is doing and how. He and his sous chef, which unusually as far as we have seen is a woman, give us tips on the way or how something should be eaten. The fish is gorgeous and the Japanese steak, from Kyoto of course definitely not Kobe, is perfect. It is going to be really hard when we get home to enjoy steak again after having just about perfect steak in Japan.
The atmosphere in this places is warm and inviting. We talk about site seeing and photography and Kazuya shows us some photos on his camera. Of course they are gorgeous. He has a photographic blog and he is an enthusiastic photographer. His blog is here and the website for Fujiwara is here.
All up this meal and this evening has been an absolute delight. Kazuya even asks to pose with Michelle for our last photo. We've noticed that we're getting a bit of the royal treatment when we leave places like Fujiwara. The owner and or his hostess will see us outside and bow and wave till we disappear. They're usually tickled pink to hear that we've found their restaurant in the Michelin Guide. They are proud and honoured and Kazuya Fujiwara was no exception. A great night, great food and a great host. Of course it has a Michelin star.

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