Tuesday, 23 February 2010

How to lose a netbook pc in Kyoto... and find it again

1. Go to laundrette with laptop to do shit and wash clothes. "Shose" off at this particular laundry. They supply slippers. Tiny laundry too. Not enough change for washing machines so you buy a can of hot coffee (sweet) from vending machine with a 1000 yen note that gives you 900 yen in change. Enough to for 2 loads of washing and drying.
2. Finish laundry. Pack up everything and leave.
3. Get taxi to hotel.
4. Arrive at hotel. Shit where is laptop. God did I leave it on the footpath when we got in the cab?
5. Tell taxi driver to go back to Laundromat. Spend 2 minutes convincing him you aren't stupid.
6. Arrive back at laundrette. Can't see laptop bag on footpath. Oh shit oh shit.
7. Jump out of cab and run in to laundry. Foreign dude, possibly French, sitting in the same place he was when you left. Laptop bag in laundry basket where you left it. Dickhead.
8. Crisis averted. Heart rate coming down. No longer feel like you're going to throw up.
9. Taxi returns you to hotel.
10. We won't mention that you left also left it behind at passport control at Narita Airport and that the man who stamped your visa had to run after with your bag.

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