Saturday, 20 February 2010


After the train ride we dumped our bags at the Hotel Monterey Kyoto. Hmmm, deja vu. Another Monterey. This one is more salubrious than the Ginza Monterey but the room is almost identical except that is carpeted. We get the same sexy jammies and slippers. The dunny is still heated, thank gods, the bed is firmish but comfortable and this time we have a view. The other major difference between the hotels is this one has a foyer area around the back where they have a replica of and old English church. Right down to the last stone. It is fracking amazing (check the photo below). Weddings are a big business here in Japan. There is another hotel in Osaka which has a another church up on the 14th floor or so. We'll probably check that out too when we get there. But now we are in Kyoto and the first thing to do is get some cake and an iced coffee at Cafe Veloce.

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