Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Marilyn Manson all done - review

Marilyn Manson
Hordern Pavilion, Moore Park, Sydney
14 October 2009
I haven't seen so much black and make-up and tatts and facial piercings since... I got old. Goth sheik is still with us and my doesn't it look good (no sarcasm - I do like the look). There's not much you can say about Marilyn Manson that hasn't been said before. He is a package and a half. More than a half now I think. He has stacked on the kilos since he did the cover picture for Mechanical Animals (did that really come out in 1998? - sheesh, I am getting old). I think the new Marilyn may have eaten the old Marilyn. This new Marilyn can still strut and preen and swagger but probably not as lightly nowadays. There's a bit of nasty misogynistic language, Marilyn goes out of his way to offend, but it is all part of his schtick - the whole shock offend-your-parents rock horror show thing. Apparently he doesn't get the protestors out the front of the venues like he did in the old days. A pity really because I made sure I wore my most offensive t-shirt just in case.
Essentially it was a rock'n'roll show by a seasoned performer. He's been doing this a long long time. During the cover of Eurythmics Sweet Dreams some dickhead threw a beer in Marilyn's face. Down went the mic in a howl of feedback and Marilyn stormed off. The band kept playing and we all knew the words. When Marilyn re-appeared he had a spray for the dick who beaned him (see video below) and then he continued with the show. Tip of the hat for Marilyn there. While I'm on crowd behaviour, except for the aforementioned dick this crowd was a well behaved as any I have ever been in. They might look "scary" but I reckon half them are just nice kids playing dress ups. Actually the worst behaved crowds are usually those once year wannabees from the western suburbs who go to the Big Day Out. Give me this inked up all black crowd any day of the week.
So all in all it was fun. It was great to finally see Marilyn Manson. Oh, and no puppies were harmed in the name of art either. :-)
Here is the setlist. And here is review about the show in Perth from another perspective.

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