Friday, 2 October 2009

Aaaaw crap

Powderfinger played a free guerrilla gig in Martin Place at about 1pm this afternoon. Unfortunately I only just read about it on the Sydney Morning Herald site here.
"We're going to be at the Macquarie St end in 5mins," the band posted on Twitter moments before the set.
Sonavabitch. If I look out my window at work that is directly below me. I went out to get some lunch at about 12.45 and there certainly wasn't anything going on. On my back to work I was strolling up Martin Place thinking there was a fire drill on or something because there were large groups of people heading down Martin Place in the opposite direction to me. Missed it by that much. Bugger. I love a free gig.
I suppose I will just have to make do with seeing them at Homebake and the Big Day Out.

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