Wednesday, 28 October 2009

End of an era on teh internetz - cya geocities

The venerable old Geocities is no more. Yahoo! finally shut down geocities today. :(
Luckily I remembered to backup the last few web pages I still had on geocities yesterday. I think I made my first geocities page in the 90s... well 1999... that is still the 90s. Geocities was cool because it was free. Now if you go here all you get is an error message from Yahoo!. Apparently if you use the Internet Archive some geocities pages may still be retrievable. Actually, even one of mine has been archived. Check this out for ordinary (sorry Dave). Even the page I did for our outback trip can be found on the wayback machine here. Just goes to show that if you did something embarrassing (or not) on the intertubes at some point it may come back to haunt you. Heh.

I've worked in places that just had a blanket ban on all of geocities because of the pron, which made it difficult because there were a few gems hidden amongst all that shite. There must have been millions of users at its peak. So farewell Geocities. You were good because you were free.

Now where did I hide that sex tape?

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