Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Assiette 3

Maybe I was too harsh on the Melbourne restaurants recently. The last 3 we've been to in Sydney have been a little underwhelming too. Restaurant Balzac, Sepia and tonight, Assiette have all been good but they seem to have lost that "wow" factor. The dishes we had were well executed and presented but they seemed to lack something. My feeling is during these hard financial times they're trying to keep a cap on prices by skimping on ingredients. Or possibly over a couple of years they lose some originality or flair - they've lost their inspiration? Who knows? There's nothing terribly exotic in the ingredients used or the preparation. If you think that just maybe you could do it at home almost as well, then maybe they're just not trying hard enough.

Assiette was good and it was very reasonably priced for a Good Food Guide 2 Hat restaurant but we are missing the "wow" factor. Maybe at the Hats Off Dinners at Becasse next week and Four In Hand the following week we'll get some joy.

Assiette is on Albion Street in Surry Hills.

Pre-dessert apple jelly thing
Buttermilk pannacotta with blood orange sorbet
A selection of cheeses with lavosh and muscatels
Pain perdu, caramelised banana, honey and chocolate ice-cream

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