Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Four in hand 4

'A Pig Went To Market' Hats Off Dinner at the Four In Hand Dining Room as part of the Sydney International Food Festival.

Over indulgence should be a sin. Actually it is. Gluttony. Damned I am I tell ya. I haven't felt this stuffed leaving a restaurant in ages. Four in Hand put on a very fine spread. When you factor in that it included the vino in the price of admission it was a bargain. This is another place in which we're yet to be disappointed. They well deserve their 1 Hat. Probably a little underrated if anything. This evening they certainly delivered on their piggy promise. I'm reminded of this quote from the Simpsons:

Homer: Are you saying you're never going to eat any animal again? What about bacon?
Lisa: No.
Homer: Ham?
Lisa: No!
Homer: Pork chops?
Lisa: Dad, those all come from the same animal!
Homer: He he he... ooh... yeah... right, Lisa. A wonderful... magical animal.

'Pig Out' - white chocolate parfait with chocolate delice and Coopers beer ice cream
NV Chambers Rosewood Vineyard Muscadelle, Rutherglen, Victoria
Almost expected some sort of pig product in the 'Pig Out'. In a way I'm glad there wasn't. Not saying it couldn't be done (maybe El Bulli in Spain?) but something chocolate was a great way to finish. And finish it I did. Even stuffed so much I thought I would barf but I couldn't leave this chocolatey goodness behind. The beer ice-cream tasted of honey with a slight hint of beer. Well done.

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