Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Becasse 5

Later edit: I've updated the earlier posts with descriptions of the dishes and who the dishes were inspired by.

I'll update this with what we had and how it was later. But to sum up quickly now. It was awesome. Faith has been renewed in Hatted restaurants. Thanks Becasse.

The dinner was called Heroes and Masters. The menu states, "This is a tribute to our heroes and masters and the dishes we've enjoyed over the years. Some we've endeavoured to replicate and others we've taken the inspiration, but all pay homage to these great chefs and amazing temples of gastronomy - Enjoy!"

And enjoy we did. This was awesome. I think this was our 4th visit to Becasse and we are yet to be disappointed. Lately we've become disillussioned with a few of the hatted restaurants both here in Sydney and in Melbourne but Becasse has shone. Next week we're off to the Four In Hand restaurant for their Hats Off dinner. They've called it, This Little Piggy Went To Market....

Petit fours and coffee. I was so stuffed I couldn't even finish Michelle's P4s.

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