Saturday, 9 March 2013

Yoro-No-Taki, Nikko

When we drove up the main street of Nikko we saw a sign advertising a bakery so we decided to walk up the street and look for it and also see what sort of restaurants were available. We didn't need anything fancy but more Yuba would be nice. Nothing immediately jumped out as "you must eat here" but there were a couple of bars that seemed to serve food. In the end we chose Yoro-No-Taki.
I would like... SUSHI!
Tuna. Yummy.
Fried Tofu.

Yoro-No-Taki is a pub / restaurant. I think it is part of a chain or franchise. We were seated and handed big glossy menus. One was even in English. It was all pictures anyway.  Yoro-No-Taki seemed to have just about every Japanese cuisine covered from sushi to yakatori and everything in between including some western style dishes. So we decided on a bit of this and a bit of that. It was essential though to start with some sashimi for Georgia. And beer. Beer for me.
Hello little guy... Fried prawn.
Chicken Yakatori.

Like any casual dining places that serve everything it comes out with mixed results. Nothing horrible. Just standard fare with a couple of highlights. Very inexpensive. Dishes range from about Y200 up to maybe Y1000. We ended up getting a few dishes. Sashimi, fried prawns, bbq pork, chicken yakatori, fried tofu and two delicious desserts. Creme brulee ice cream. Exactly what it says. Creme brulee on ice cream. And mango ice cream.
You're looking at me...
You're still looking at me...

Unfortunately the couple next to us were smokers and lit up between and during courses. That's the problem with some Japanese restaurants. Smoking is still legal. They were what we've found to be typically nice Japanese though. Always willing to try their limited English on us and chat to Georgia. As usual Georgia was too shy to respond. She just stares. It is quite funny really to see someone making faces or talking to Georgia and her just sitting there with a blank look on her face wondering who this strange person is. Georgia will generally say good bye and wave to anybody who has tried to talk to her though. She relaxes when we leave so she will smile, say bye-bye and wave.
Do you want dessert Georgia? Um...
Creme brulee ice cream.
Mango ice cream

If you're looking for something reasonably priced in down town Nikko you can't go wrong with Yoro-No-Taki. Cheap, good food, friendly service and good country ambience. Except for the smoking.

As we neared our hotel we noticed somebody still had their light on. I wonder what idiot had done that considering there are signs up saying turn off the lights when you leave. Ah... Oops.

Viva Hotel lit up like a light house. Oops.

Oh, and we never did find that bakery again.

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