Friday, 8 March 2013

Hotel Viva Nikko

The B&B Hotel Viva Nikko is a big box. It wasn't hard to spot because it is the tallest building in this part of Nikko. We drove here and the hotel has parking but it is only stone's throw from the railway station if you're more comfortable travelling that way. The hotel reception is on the second floor. The first floor in Oz. Japan is confusing when it comes to multi storey buildings. We go from ground then one, two, etc. In Japan they go from one then two etc. There was an ice cream shop at ground level which could come in handy. There's a sign on the noisy electronic sliding glass doors that try to decapitate you every time you enter in the lobby that warns that the hotel has an 11pm curfew. In a town where you're flat out getting a feed after 9pm we were not overly concerned by a curfew.
lobby vending machines
B&B Hotel Viva
The view

Checking in was a breeze. The serious bloke who checked us in was, serious. He pointed at a card that requested, in English, to nominate a time for our complementary breakfast. That was easy. The latest time. I asked about internet and he handed me a cable with a dongle like thingy. I had no idea what it was or how to use it but okay, thanks very much. Georgia took the key and waved bye-bye to the man which is usually enough to make the most hardened nut crack a smile. Not this time.
Reception and breakfast area
Well and truly moved in

Our room is on the fourth floor and is reasonably big for a Japanese room. It has tatami mats but a western style double bed. We have a fridge, tele, bathroom and a heated toilet. We'll need that because for the first time since we've been in Japan it is seriously cold. We're in the mountains. Not freezing but as I mentioned there are still patches of snow on the ground in shady areas.. We can see the snow capped mountains surrounding Nikko town from our windows. It's nice to have a view.

Georgia stays for free because as a two year old she is classed as an infant but she doesn't get a bed or breakfast.
Viva Hotel Nikko wasn't our first choice. Much of the cheaper accommodation in Nikko that we tried to get had already gone, it was a weekend after all. The Viva is about middle of the range price wise for Nikko and centrally located. A good comfortable hotel that included breakfast in the tariff.  The room was large for a Japanese hotel room and the bed comfortable. We paid about Y12,000 per night, about $120, which, as I mentioned, included breakfast. Parking was free too.

Viva Hotel Nikko
255 Matsubara-cho, Nikko, Tochigi prefecture Tochigi, Japan

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