Thursday, 14 March 2013

It snowed so of course we have to go see the snow monkeys again

The path to the snow monkey path is usually icy and muddy at this time of year. Today the path is icy, muddy and snowy. We did happen to have a dump of snow overnight.
"The path is very slippery Michelle, take care", I said.
I did mention ominous foreshadowing in a previous post didn't I? The last thing we want to have happen is a pregnant woman slip over.
Extra snow does make for a prettier walk, but a very cold walk. More snow gently fell as we walked. Georgia was safely ensconced in her plastic cocoon so was spared the worst of the not too horrible conditions.
On arrival, again, we sat down and had our 7 Eleven sandwiches before going out to the Monkey baths. You never get sick watching the monkeys cavorting, frolicking and... I'll have to look up a thesaurus if I want to use more verbs to describe what the monkeys were doing. But you get the idea. Monkeys are kawaii (cute) and are well worth a diversion if they're not already on your itinerary. I suspect we'll come back one day. Maybe when Michelle's current passenger has arrived? But that is in the future. Today was a good day. Playful monkeys and beautiful snow covered scenery.

Like the adage says, all good things must come to an end. Apparently Chaucer first wrote that. Anyway, for this trip we had to farewell the monkeys. Of course this meant taking the treacherous icy path back to the car park. It isn't as if I'd ever slipped and fallen on that path and watched my video camera bounce into the ravine. Something like that couldn't happen again could it? Not if we are very very careful.

As we arrived at the final stairs to exit the track to the car park I reminded Michelle that it was very icy and to take care.

So what does she do?

Michelle slipped over at the end of the path.

See the sign in the picture below warning of the slippery path? Ironically Michelle slipped over off the bottom steps a metre or so from the sign. Hilarious.
She did manage to land on her back and not break her waters so she is still pregnant. I was hoping not to use that extra pregnancy coverage we'd paid for with the travel insurance if we could help it. Handy tip for pregnant travellers - get travel insurance that covers you for pregnancy issues and premature birth. It is amazing how limited the coverage is for may insurance companies.

After all the excitement it was back to the road. Next stop Matsumoto.

Entrance to the park - sort of. It is about half an hour's walk from here.
Snowy path and pram.
Sangers in the visitors centre.
7-Eleven sangers.
2013-03-14 13.09.27
On the way down to the monkeys.
Snow monkey!
It really is amazing how close you can get to the monkeys.
A break from the cold.
I went back out for a little while while Michelle and Georgia got warm in the visitor's centre.
Oh yeah, that's the spot.
2013-03-14 14.26.14
The monkey's paw. That's from the Simpson's isn't it?

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