Monday, 11 March 2013

Ethical crisis averted, no bear soup this time for dinner

No bear soup this time but still a feast. After a quick explanation of how and when to cook what where from our hostess it was down to business. Georgia, again, got the kids meal that would feed a small army of toddlers let alone one.


Shabu shabu was on the menu tonight. Thinly slice pieces of steaks and veggies. There was a foil "pot" simmering over a candle of some sort of milky white soup. All we had to do was dump the veggies in, wait till it boiled and then "shabu shabu" the meat. That is, dip the meat in the soup for about the same time it takes to say say "shabu shabu" then dip it in one of the 3 or 4 sauces and eat. So tender. So delish.

Georgia didn't know where to start. Rice, soup, fried things and fruit and chocolate eclair to finish.

You really could just fill up on all the appetizer thingys. Raw fish things...

Deep fried things...

Cold things in sauces...

And a seafood fish soup thing just to push you to bursting...

But there is always room for sake. Always.

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