Monday, 4 March 2013

Tokyo at night

This city is alive at night. Lots of people going home or going to restaurants or even shopping. There's still a few shops still open later in the evening. When we first stayed here 3 years ago this part of town seemed a long way from where we were staying. It is actually just a 10 minute stroll. I don't know why it seemed so far away before? Here are couple of shots of the big crossing in Ginza, Sukiyibashi,  and the Sony Building, apparently it is a bit of a landmark.

Click on the photos to embiggen...

Sukiyibashi crossing.

The Sony Building

Looks like Tokyo is trying for the 2020 Olympics

All the big couture brands are represented in Ginza

Note the 7 degrees on the Sapporo sign. Not freezing but chilly.

The Matsuya Ginza department store is quite near our hotel and directly opposite is the Apple store

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