Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Hibiya Park and wandering around

For this trip we really have no itinerary. Sure, we've booked accommodation and tickets to the Ghibli Museum tomorrow but that's it. This holiday is all about relaxing, eating and enjoying each other. Michelle is too pregnant to do anything really energetic and we want to take it easy to allow Georgia to chill and do toddler things. So after lunch at Kanesaka we have a whole afternoon to fill with not much at all. Hibiya Park was within walking distance and is near the Imperial Gardens and palace so we decided to wander over there.

Parks in winter are usually grey and stark and not really inviting but this one has a fountain and a pond with fish and cats. The pond has fish. The park has cats. They sit by the pond hoping to snag a fish. More than enough to be diverting for a little girl. We're a few weeks away from Sakura, or cherry blossom time, but a few of the trees have managed to squeeze out a couple of buds. We can only imagine what the parks will look like when the bloom happens for real.

Bikes are surprisingly common

Georgia amuses a couple locals

It was like thunder according to Georgia, when the shinkansen went overhead

Shinkansen, bullet train, coasting through down town Tokyo

Every body loves a fountain

Watching the fishies

Carp or koi?

I want to get in...

Dozens of large ginger cats in the park

Georgie and mummy

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Sakura (cherry blossoms)

Sakura (cherry blossoms)

Sukiyabashi crossing in Ginza

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