Thursday, 14 March 2013

Horse Meat Sashimi - Kura

For dinner had some of the local speciality, bashashi, raw horse meat sashimi at Kura. Delicious. Well, the two small pieces I had were. Georgia wolfed down half the plate. Only pausing long enough between bites to say "sushi".


Technically smoking is allowed in restaurants in Japan. In practice we haven't seen it much. Not in Kura though. When some people smoke they chain smoke. Pain in the arse. Thankfully it was only one person. Obviously pregnant Michelle was really impressed (see photo below).


Otherwise we had some excellent sashimi, sushi and tempura. I've seen some horrible reviews on TripAdvisor for Kura but on the whole we thought it was pretty good. I think we found Kura in the Lonely Planet or Rough Guide.

P1010723 P1010719
P1010724 P1010725
P1010727 P1010728
P1010730 P1010731

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