Saturday, 16 March 2013

Road trip to Mount Fuji - Kukuna Resort and Spa

It's a fairly straightforward drive from Matsumoto to Kawaguchiko (Mt Fuji) of about 2 hours. Mount Fuji is visible from the road from about 100km away. I can't recall anything I've seen from a 100 kays before? Certainly not from ground level.
We're staying at the Kukuna Resort and Spa. It wasn't our first choice, we left booking too late, but our room has a tub on the balcony. That was the main thing we wanted, a tub with a view, and, oh my, it did not disappoint.
We were issued with "resort wear" for out stay. Unlike most ryokans this place is set up like a tropical resort so instead of the usual yukata we have loose fitting smocks and trousers. Loose fitting is very good for the very pregnant Michelle. Georgia got a mu-mu type thing.
In the foyer outside our room is a bar set up with snacks and drinks for us to have during the day. We also get the traditional welcome snack and tea when we get to the room.
The room is a typical tatami mat room but one entire wall is a window. Apparently there is a bloody great volcano out there. And a lake. The view is quite amazing. The balcony has privacy screens either side so we can nude up no worries for the onsen. If I have one complaint it is the glass door is too clean. I was going in and out when Michelle closed the door, I didn't notice and walked right into it. Hard. I left a face imprint on the glass. P1020030
The room has a bathroom, actually a sink room, the bath is on the balcony, and the usual Japanese Starship Enterprise heated toilet. So even if it is freezing, and there is some ice on the ground outside, you have to tub it in the onsen on the balcony.
Even staying at a resort where almost everything is catered for we wanted some snacks so we went for a drive into town and went to one of the convenience stores for supplies. Even car parks have a pretty reasonable view of Fuji. P1020047

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