Sunday, 3 March 2013

Soba and Ramen - Ginza, Tokyo

We tried for a local 1 star Michelin Japanese restaurant near to the hotel but it was closed by the time we got there. After wandering a bit we found Ginza Bonten across the road from the hotel. The place was empty  but as we procrastinated about whether to go in or not a girl walked in ahead of us and sat at the bar. We thought bugger it, we need a feed and went in. Ginza Bonten specialises in soba noodles and ramen. The waiter, or cook, gave us an English menu and I chose a regular, smallest, sized tsuka soba and Michelle a huge ramen with pork and egg,

I'm glad I ordered the smallest soba because the  plate of noodles served was huge as was the bowl of soup you dipped the cold noodles in. Soba noodles are served cold. Michelle's ramen was huge.
Georgia slept in her pram the whole time. The poor little thing was knackered.

The piece of pork in the rich dark broth was large and succulent. God it was good. I don't usually go for noodle dishes but this dish has changed me. It was delicious.

As we ate the place filled with other people looking for noodles to slurp and it became quite busy.

After downing a couple of beers, nama beer, we settled the bill, a measly 2900 yen (less than $30), and it was back to the hotel.

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