Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Sydney dust storm 5

Some more shots of our glorious Sydney panorama today. Photo number 3 is of the iconic Sydney Opera House. Notice the the soaring sails of this outstanding piece of architecture. No? You can't see it? Photo 4 is Woolloomooloo and the Garden Island dockyards... apparently. Even St Mary's Cathedral (photo 2) is semi-hidden in a shroud of dust and she is only a few hundred metres away. The foyer of the Deutsche Bank building next door (photo 5), where I get my morning coffee and toast, had half a dozen security drones out wiping down tables and chairs that had a thick layer of the Northern Territory on them.

Speaking of the Northern Territory. Has anyone checked to see if the Northern Territory and South Australia are still there? Probably a billion tonnes of the NT and SA have been dumped on the east coast this morning. The last time a dust storm of this size hit Melbourne in 1983 the glaciers in New Zealand turned red. Yep, it blew all the way across the Tasman.

To put into context where this storm has come from, imagine if you're in the US it would be like Iowa being blown to and getting dumped on New York or Atlanta. Or for the Euro trash, if half the soil in Russia blew over Paris or London. They probably wouldn't have the pretty shade of red our dust has though.

If I was an early riser I could've seen the more red tinge to everything. The SMH has some pictures here and the ABC here.

As I write this it is about 11.30AM and dust is about the same as when I made the photos an hour or so ago.

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