Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Sydney dust storm 3

Well I ducked down to the station to catch my train and get out of the dusty swirling wind. People are wandering around with face masks or scarves wrapped around their faces. I looked up the tunnel after I got downstairs to the station and I could even make out the dust coming down the tunnel a bit. So much for using the train tunnels to shelter from nuclear fallout if we ever get nuked.

Martin Place is a bit dusty. The dust isn't as thick as they were showing on the tele this morning though. Lots of red dust on the ground though. Practically every foyer I could see had cleaners with brooms and vacuum cleaners trying to hold back the red tide. I didn't notice my shoes until I got to work.

The wind has dropped a little so we may be stuck with the dust for the rest of the day. I don't think there are any flights coming from or going out of Sydney this morning.

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